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Ultimatron 2012年12月4日 11時23分
Landing bay speedrun achivment error
I completed the landing bay speedrun achivment on normal but it dosent saves in the achivment list on steam and i can complete it again but still dosent saves...

Please help
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DIMEDROLL 2012年12月6日 4時23分 
try to complete it on hard or..
better Brutal Onslaught ^^
AJ 2012年12月13日 7時45分 
Could mean the time on one of the other people in the game was too slow. I kept running into that when I was in a group working on this achievement, even though we were all at the level end with 4 seconds to spare. XD Was a real pain re-doing it again after that happened. :D
DIMEDROLL 2012年12月14日 9時58分 
I have tried to do it in solo on Hard + Onslaught and it didn't give me this achievement
goodone 2012年12月16日 13時14分 
the main reason for this issue is incorrect timing at a server, mostly cause of high ping, network or server lag.
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