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Ronald Feb 11 @ 7:59pm
Ummm... Anyone play this game at all?
Does it have like what less than 100 players online at a time?
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xG [FTW] Hojang Feb 11 @ 8:03pm 
i barely play, im on tf2
HDrave ♥ Feb 11 @ 9:29pm 
its a old game, and the replay value is okay, they need some dlc or least a single new mission
Ronald Feb 11 @ 9:42pm 
Well I just uninstalled it.

I can't even get a game started since the very first mission already requires another player.
goodone Feb 11 @ 11:04pm 
ppl rly need 2 look at dedicated servers...
DaFarmer | NL Feb 12 @ 9:46am 
Originally posted by goodone:
ppl rly need 2 look at dedicated servers...

There's generally less than 20 players on at once, dedicated servers or not.
goodone Feb 12 @ 12:12pm 
i would say, there's at least 20 players on at once, and that's only dedicated servers.
Xena Feb 12 @ 12:41pm 
[HrAy]MrHero Feb 12 @ 7:27pm 
hey im going to start a public game at exactly 9:35 so if you want to play heres you chance
[HrAy]MrHero Feb 12 @ 7:32pm 
i just started the game so you can jump in need at least 3 more ppl
DaFarmer | NL Feb 12 @ 7:36pm 
Originally posted by Mr.HeroOfTheWastes:
i just started the game so you can jump in need at least 3 more ppl

Busy building a map haha
[HrAy]MrHero Feb 12 @ 7:45pm 
lol yeah but how do you do that and can you get DLC also the game fell through no ppl so eyah maybe tomarrow
its a dead game
DaFarmer | NL Feb 13 @ 11:49am 
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Trevshiro Feb 13 @ 4:41pm 
I'm sure a while back I added bots using some console commands and you could still get exp for doing missions with them. It was a while back but I guess you can google Alien Swarm bots or something?

I may try playing in the next fews days and will post the commands if someone doesn't already.
Honey Cocaine Feb 14 @ 12:40am 
I play Alien Swarm everyday, though, I recommend you search the dedicated server browser, local hosted games are what i barely join due lag. also alot people play customs, here you can download most frequent of them. Also recommend you download the dirrect single campaigns, not the mappack because its not updated. Have fun and good luck in finding good team.
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