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FMKush Terry Crews Feb 5 @ 11:23am
Help please
Alien swarm keeps freezing in game until i shut off my pc. Specs shouldnt be the problem and i already tried messing with the options. Could someone help me please?
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Sensei Aizen Feb 5 @ 1:24pm 
At first you should describe your problem a little bit more precise:
- info about your system (hardware specs)
- operating system (win, mac and which version)
- error messages
- does all other games can be played without problems ?
- when does the freeze occurs ?
- does alien swarm were playable on your system times ago ?
(no other system, the current system ... did you change something: new graphic card, OS, and so on ... ?)

a solution could be

1. download all newest drivers for your system (graphics, chips, audio)
2. uninstall all drivers and rebott
3. install your downloaded drivers and restart

another solution could be:

- to turn of the steam overlay feauture in game

another solution could be:

- to look into bios and enable resp. disable hardware sided feautures
like emulation features and google some of this feautures wheter they could make problems generally in games
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FMKush Terry Crews Feb 6 @ 4:02am 
Well the game runs fine at first. (after tweaking with the resolution a bit). But when i get into a game it doesn't matter if it's singleplayer or mltiplayer it freezes. Like when you're in the middle of a game. It works fine for a couple of minutes but then it freezes to the point that i need to shut off my computer.
goodone Feb 6 @ 6:37am 
gpu model, used resolution?
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