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TheJr Oct 11, 2013 @ 7:02pm
Overall Strategy...?
Would be very useful to know point breakdowns, like when you get to stage 2/3/4 is a square the same as it is stage one? seems like it...

Also would like to know what gives you more time bonus? Is it just more coverage? And saving left over just saves/extends point multiplier?

Making a square in covered area is it just the same points as if it were new coverage? since you're technically wasting time to create a square instead of going for the next stage...

Overall it seems like the main focus is just to get to 100% which is sort of fun, but it seems impossible to save all the leftovers to keep point multiplier up and go for 100%, you will likely loose point multiplier multiple times trying to get to 100%, and why isn't there a save piece option, seriously this is my one complaint.

Chime > General Discussions > Topic Details