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Favourite Level?
Which one makes you hot and bothered?
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keedor 2012年11月1日 15時41分 
My favourite FLIGHT CONTROL HD level is the STUNT FLYER one which, with Circus style music, is certainly one of the most challenging - especially when there are loads of those yellow planes flying around, all jostling to go through the cones!
Y love level 4
The first level is the best
Dodu 2013年7月15日 9時22分 
First Level! ^^
Wolfi 2013年7月18日 6時39分 
Yes, the Stunt-Level is the best.
First Level ! °°
最近の変更はIceSpikeが行いました; 2013年8月4日 3時06分
Actually First Level are best for me.
I find that the STUNT FLYER level easily gives the highest scores in the game due to the multiplier associated with flying through the flags. This adds strategic value to the game.

Enjoyable, too, are those levels which include more than just landing the planes and avoiding crashes - the closing of the runways in winter and forced aircraft landings being two prime examples!
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1-9 / 9 のコメントを表示
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