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<LBB> Morix 2013年7月27日 15時15分
Best level for "Wings" achievement?
Wings is the achievement for landing 200 planes in a single game. I'm having some trouble getting this one, and I was just wondering to those who have obtained it already, which level would you say is best to get this with?
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Baernd 2013年7月28日 1時27分 
I just got mine on the stunt level. That's the 6th level I guess. The one with the river where you have to fly yellow planes through gates to earn points for them. You just need like 12 dare devil planes (i.e. planes that went through all gates) for 192 points the rest should come from other planes you've landed. To make things a little easier try not to have more than 3 yellow planes flying the gate course at a time and land the rest for 0 points just to get them out of the way.
<LBB> Morix 2013年7月28日 21時04分 
Thanks for the info. I tried this on the stunt field and it worked. So it turns out the achievement refers to points earned and not planes landed. Important point of distinction there.

Now I just have to get Veteran and I'm done. I wish there was a way to see how many games you've played so far.
Big Smile 2013年7月29日 3時47分 
I used the second level for the Wings achievement. Its small and lots of incoming planes in short time. To see how many games you've played, go to output_log file in the Flight Control folder in your steamapps. CTRL+F (Find) the word "games", it will show you number of games played.
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