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Amber 1月14日 19時15分
Veteran Achievement - Where do you find how far you are?
I know this can be done in Windows by finding a certain file, however Im curious as to whether mac OS actually sync/records number of games as it doesn't have that file (at least it may be hidden)

can someone help me find out how close I am because I'm pretty sure i was up to 180+ and ive played heaps cross platform.
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Kite Drachen 2月26日 17時38分 
I'd like to know as well. It's the last achievement I need!
Amber 2月27日 3時55分 
there is a file in the installed folder that tells you, but i dont' no if that count is affected by different platforms since i play this on mac and pc (still haven't gotten achievement)
IceStorm 9月18日 0時36分 
The file in question is located in:

You can open it and search for 'games'. Behind that is the number of games you played. Be advised, the number of games played is generated at the start of the game itself. So if you start the game, play 10 games and exit the file will say '0 games played'. If you start Flight Control again and close it the file will say '10 games played'.

[edit]Sorry, mac :(
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