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Amber jan. 14. @ du. 7:15
Veteran Achievement - Where do you find how far you are?
I know this can be done in Windows by finding a certain file, however Im curious as to whether mac OS actually sync/records number of games as it doesn't have that file (at least it may be hidden)

can someone help me find out how close I am because I'm pretty sure i was up to 180+ and ive played heaps cross platform.
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Kite Drachen febr. 26. @ du. 5:38 
I'd like to know as well. It's the last achievement I need!
Amber febr. 27. @ de. 3:55 
there is a file in the installed folder that tells you, but i dont' no if that count is affected by different platforms since i play this on mac and pc (still haven't gotten achievement)
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