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Русификатор для Ghost Master
by Judasha
Рабочий русификатор для игры Ghost Master, за который не будет блокировки аккаунта....
Simple Guide to ALL Levels
by The Royalty Games
Made by The Royalty Games - This is a basic guide, bullet pointing the key things you can do to beat the levels AND obtain the ghosts in them. This MIGHT take a while....
Complete Ghost Master Walkthrough WIP
by troublmaker
In this guide you will find out how to solve all of the puzzles in a time sensitive manner. Not all ghosts are captured in this timing window however. This game is a mixture of real time strategy elements with puzzles. Each mission has a puzzle and you...
by ThatGuyYouAren't
This guide is a complete walkthrough for the game "Ghost Master." Here, I will tell you how to complete each level and unlock EVERY ghost in the game, including secret/hidden ghosts. I felt this guide was needed, since the incredibly cryptic nature of the...
Ajuste de Resolución. Resolution setting. (1920x1080)
by WolfBelmi88
#Con esto podras poner la resolucion de 1080p entre otras. #With this you can put 1080p resolution among others....