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Ultimate P0RTAL 2 Deathmatch Arena Tutorial!
In this tutorial, I will show you how to play properly in the deathmatch map "Ultimate P0RTAL 2 Deathmatch Arena" with some advice. Unless you never heard of this map, here is a link to it:
How To Die - Portal 2
por TroikaP999
Well, time for another episode of HTD! This time, I got the official Pic, Because I'm not downloading any more pictures of game logos/titles. Anyways, back to the point! This time portal got a little deadlier! Portals are dangerous anyways, but this time,...
How To Build Easy and Simple Maps!
por Retired2.O
Well there is this. I present To you How to Build Easy And Simple Tests I Will make you follow trough all steps and make your test Looking Pretty Good And Also To make Science!! This guide Might help you With your Building skills ...
Why Chell Can't Talk
por John Minefield
This guide well explain why Chell can't talk, with actual evidence...
How to train your compainion cube.
por MaddenHatten
This guide will walk you through a couple of small simple steps in how to make your friend the Companion cube much more obidient and fun to be around....
Earning the "Overclocker" achievement
por doubiesnax
A text and video walkthrough with some tips on timing and placement required to finish Chapter 3: Test Chamber 10 in under 70 seconds, and earn the achievement....
Portal 2 全成就指南
por Josue
在这里,我们讨论一下 Portal 2 成就的具体解锁方法。希望本文能对 Portal 2 相关成就给予大家一定的启发与帮助。...
Достижения Portal 2 + Видео
por 'F50,MooNLighT
Получение достижений в игре Portal 2...
Importing/Exporting Between PeTi, Hammer, and Steam Workshop
por [phijkchu]kintama.tar.gz
Have you found that creating and editing maps in PeTi is fun and easy, but thought it a bit lacking? Like you don't have the control over elements and aesthetics that you'd like? You may have tried Hammer, the Soure map-maker tool before, but found it too...