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How to make adhesion walls in hammer (Escapent tutorial)
by Redstoncraft [P.A. - Escapent ]
Thats short guide for adhesion walls. Pleas like my map and mod. Map : Mod :
Rate AND Comment!
by GBMusicMaster
It's easy to click that thumb icon and move on to the next test in your queue, but click-and-run ratings are not very helpful to the mapmaker or other players considering that map. This guide will give you a few basic ideas to improve the Workshop and Co...
Basics of Chamber Building
by KillaBitGaming
This guide will tell you all there is to know about making a good test chamber step-by-step and share some of my tips and tricks I use to make all of my test chambers....
by Mushroomluver456
Tips of making a map
Im just a big fan of portal2,the puzzlemaker attracted me deeply,since I try to make my first map,I fell in love ...
Ultimate P0RTAL 2 Deathmatch Arena Tutorial!
In this tutorial, I will show you how to play properly in the deathmatch map "Ultimate P0RTAL 2 Deathmatch Arena" with some advice. Unless you never heard of this map, here is a link to it:
Делаем своё превью-фото для тестовой камеры в Steam Workshop
by echoplex
После создания нового теста хочется сделать своё превью-фото? Тогда вам сюда....
Portal 2 bugs
by Dexter
RUS:Несколько забавных и не очень багов найденных в portal 2. Видео носит прежде всего развлекательный характер. ENG:Some funny bugs....
by Mushroomluver456
Hammer for the Flustered
by Der HammerMeister
New to Hammer? Stuck on how to create a map for Portal 2 using Hammer? Read this guide....