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Basics of Chamber Building
by KillaBitGaming
This guide will tell you all there is to know about making a good test chamber step-by-step and share some of my tips and tricks I use to make all of my test chambers....
Rate AND Comment!
by GBMusicMaster
It's easy to click that thumb icon and move on to the next test in your queue, but click-and-run ratings are not very helpful to the mapmaker or other players considering that map. This guide will give you a few basic ideas to improve the Workshop and Co...
How to make adhesion walls in hammer (Escapent tutorial)
by Redstoncraft [P.A. - Escapent ]
Thats short guide for adhesion walls. Pleas like my map and mod. Map : Mod :
Tips of making a map
Im just a big fan of portal2,the puzzlemaker attracted me deeply,since I try to make my first map,I fell in love ...
Делаем своё превью-фото для тестовой камеры в Steam Workshop
by echoplex
После создания нового теста хочется сделать своё превью-фото? Тогда вам сюда....
by Mushroomluver456
Rob's guide for making a good PeTI map.
by Robly18
Tired of being unable to make good maps? Decide to do a simple rollercoaster or turretfest instead? Or even a death trap? Well, if you do, you're on my to kill list now. Or not. It's already full. That's no reason to keep making bad maps though, becaus...
Portal 2 Console Commands
by PhoneyVirus
List of Console Commands for Portal 2, something that's need when creating a test chamber....
Hammer for the Flustered
by Der HammerMeister
New to Hammer? Stuck on how to create a map for Portal 2 using Hammer? Read this guide....
How not to trap the player
by Der HammerMeister
At the Enrichment Center, we promise that, with the help of this guide, your test subjects will never find themselves unable to complete any test during the PeTI. TL;DR: the best fixes are making your cubes respawnable with a button, and using escape rou...
My bee2 Addon Mod
by SuperFluffyShmoopy
This is were I will post my mod along with any updates which I plan to have many of Also This mod is Compatible with all other bee2 addon mods...
Why Chell Can't Talk
by John Minefield
This guide well explain why Chell can't talk, with actual evidence...
What is on the Borealis
by John Minefield
This guide will show you what is on the Boreails, with actual proof from the game....
How To Properly Use Three Link Types: Antlines, Symbols, and Hiding
by wildgoosespeeder
I have played a lot of in-game editor maps and I see a lot of misuse of links represented by antlines, symbols, or hiding. This guide will aim to fix that so that way your chamber comes out a lot cleaner. Applies to Portal 2 and Aperture Tag (as of July 2...
дополнения на portal 2-dlc (BEEmod,StyleChanger,отражающие гели,hammer и workshop).
by Данил Ахмеров
BEEmod - дополнительные инструменты создания тестов; StyleChanger - для изменения стиля вашего теста; отражающие гели - гель для отражения лазеров; ham...
Portal 2 (guia em português - achievements)
by prrg :3
Guia em português para os achievements do Portal 2, esse vai ser maior do que o do primeiro, aliás....
Designing Chambers
by Mr. P. Kiwi
This guide aims to explain the thought process when designing a map. It will focus on my own experience designing one of my own Portal 2 chambers. I hope the story explaining how I came up with the design will help others design better chambers themselves...
Logic gates “AND” are awesome!
by | \_/ ()
A guide about the many cool things you can do with the “AND” gate from BEEmod. It mostly makes your chambers look better, so why not try out some of the Ideas I’ve gathered here?...
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