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Masamun-eh! 2012 年 11 月 24 日 @ 下午 5 時 34 分
Can't play the Portal 2, help.
Is there anyway to change the games resolution outside of the game? When ever I start up the game it's just a black screen, I can hear sound but that's it. I'm pretty sure this is a resolution issue because I got a new Tv recently and some resolutions it won't play and will just produce a black screen.
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Gabriel 2012 年 11 月 25 日 @ 上午 8 時 55 分 
mine (on computer) will start the menu but when i try to play a game (single and co-op) it restarts my computer!
Rogue Diplodocus 2012 年 11 月 26 日 @ 下午 2 時 15 分 
Have you tried windowing it. alt+enter when you have the black screen. I've had this problem a few times and this sometimes works
Osmian 2012 年 11 月 26 日 @ 下午 2 時 18 分 
somebody has a solution for this problem:
Invalid or corrupt background texture materials/vgui/portal2logo.vtf

i cant play and i've jsut bought the game
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