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Gabriel 2012年11月23日 10時36分
The game will only let me go to the menu if i try to star a game it turns OFF MY COMPUTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VALVE PLZ FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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LokiTheStoryGuy 2012年11月23日 18時04分 
your not alone if this is not fixed soon i will go insane plez fix it
creepyface 2012年11月23日 19時35分 
turns off your computer? what the hell are you talking about
Jerajamz 2012年11月24日 4時50分 
There should me a "Me too" button. Just wondering, do you have AMD catalyst? After googling around I've read that might be the problem (Definitely not my computer, it runs anything else fine.)
@Creepyface: The game shuts down our computers when we try and play portal 2, for some reason.
little_addict 2012年11月24日 7時33分 
The latest 20MB Split Screen support update that automatically downloaded causes this headaches. I cannot get pass the Valve/Steam logo screen then I get kicked out to the desktop.
Blimming annoying
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Shweatyballs 2012年11月24日 7時48分 
I had P2 running fine yesterday, but then I upgraded to Win8 and now can't get past the steam logo. Boots me out to the desktop with a "Portal2.exe stopped working" message. Serves me right for installing a mobile OS on my desktop i guess...
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