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Manty 2012年11月20日下午8:12
Help! Trouble launching Portal 2!
I was launching the game and then a stupid error came up. PLEASE tell me different reasons and then we'll check on it. Thanks and have a happy Thanksgiving everybody! :D
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Maxskate2001 2012年11月20日下午9:24 
i have the same problem!!
Hasitha 2012年11月20日下午10:35 
EMatheson 2012年11月21日下午4:23 
Yep, need help with this. Since the Update was released, I've been having issues with Portal 2. Everytime I attempt to start the game, I get the message that the update cannot be downloaded because Steam cannot contact the contact servers where the patch is located. Obviously, this is BS - I'm writing this post from my gaming comp. on the same network that I have always used... and it posted ok, too, so there has got to be a working connection on this machine...
Manty 2012年11月21日下午5:04 
P.S. The problem was that my game was not available due to some stupid application. I don't know what the app was! >:( But i'll tell you the solution when I get the time. :)
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Vampire Woona 2012年11月22日上午11:42 
mine always loads to the point of there being a picture of glados for the menu about to come up, and then suddenly crashes... and it always has a meessage that says "portal2.exe has stopped working."
lordofawesome8 2012年11月22日下午1:52 
the game will start opening for me, then when it is loading with the pic of glados it will close but there won't be an error message. the game will just close
ElectroRobotic 2012年11月22日下午3:44 
Mine works perfectly
curlyguy 2012年11月22日下午6:51 
Mine crashes after selecting continue game. Running mac osx.
Maxskate2001 2012年11月22日下午8:49 
mine doesnt even load into the game it just flat out crashes while still in windows..
citty.cat 2012年11月22日下午11:53 
similar here, can't play at all, not even single player or make maps, no error, game just crashes while loading. helps? I need my portal fix! this is only since the update on tuesday.
FitzInc 2012年11月23日上午9:16 
I have this problem since the Summer Sale. The game crashes to desktop on the loading screen without any error. Steam support tries to help but with no success.
Dizoctor 2012年11月23日下午5:44 
I get a CTD every time (mac osx). Used to work fine. Just updated it, still no go. Went through troubleshooting steps, still crashes. What up?
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