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ct384 15/nov/2012 às 18:47
What to do after beating campaign?
Does this game have replayability after beating the campaign or is it only campaign and coop?
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OverlordTomala 15/nov/2012 às 18:48 
Check out the steam workshop. There's lots of awesoem maps you can download for both singleplayer and coop.
ct384 15/nov/2012 às 18:55 
Thanks, but how do you do that? Do you play them in the campaign or is there a special mode for that?
XchocomanX 15/nov/2012 às 19:31 
Check a map if you like it just subscribe to it and it will "magically" appear when you get on the game xD also you can do the Co-op is a mini side story and is very fun it some challenging rooms
ct384 15/nov/2012 às 19:37 
thanks both of you!
GregarBeast246 15/nov/2012 às 20:31 
Can someone want to play portal 2 with me?
GregarBeast246 15/nov/2012 às 20:31 
Im new....... :3
GregarBeast246 15/nov/2012 às 20:31 
XchocomanX 15/nov/2012 às 22:53 
i can help you wheatley!
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