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emu2011 2012年11月14日 13時59分
Steam Activation Code for Portal 2 ???(PSN Digital Version)
So I bought Portal 2 on demand through PSN sort of assuming that the way it worked was your PSN account was linked to your Steam account and that's how you obtained your complementry PC copy. Since We don't have a physical box could we at least push an update to the PS3 On demand version so that you can obtain a code from within the game?
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lolo_uila 2012年11月16日 3時39分 
Was the PSN version supposed to come with the PC Portal 2 code? If so you probably got it in the confirmation email you get after each purchase. However, I see nothing on PSN about the PC version being included, so I think you are SOL.
emu2011 2012年11月23日 19時52分 
DUMB! It's not that big a deal anyways i'd rather play on the console, it just would have been cool to play on the go with my laptop as well!
MrEvilPenguin 2012年12月28日 16時08分 
Its not in the email, it says i own it but i cant play it
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