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JaffiePlays 2012年11月11日上午7:18
anyone have portal 2 i could have #YOLO HaHa..
Ive Always Wanted To Play Portal 2 On Pc With My Mate But You Know How It Is Struggling With Cash And Stuff HaHa So Yh If Anyone Has A Spare I Could Have Please Let Me Know Thanks, YOLO.. (So Over Used)
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xanadu 2012年11月11日上午8:07 
If YOLO is so overused, why do you use it?
JaffiePlays 2012年11月11日上午8:52 
I Use It Cause I Can And To Prove Its Over Used :)
TDCone 2012年11月11日上午10:15 
Maybe You Should Try Typing Without Capitalizing Every Word. Just a thought...
JaffiePlays 2012年11月11日上午11:41 
But I Like It :(
Plaidygami 2012年11月11日下午1:03 
No way in hell anyone will give you Portal 2 when you act like a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 12 year old.
This guy is 16 years old, but acts like he's 10.
The Hobnoblin™ 2012年11月11日下午4:08 
NOLO. enough said
ExtraCheesyPie 2012年11月11日下午5:51 
None for you.
ExtraCheesyPie 2012年11月11日下午5:52 
Get a job, hippy.
MysticalDoom 2012年11月12日上午11:57 
Get a life
How Old Are You? Ten? Not To Poop On Your Parade, But Capitalizing Like This Isn't Going To Get You A Free Copy Of Portal 2
AXNLAD 2012年11月17日下午5:20 
can some on play with me
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