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Paul Blart - Mall Cop 2012年11月10日 7時23分
Game not launching
I have tried multiple times to launch Portal 2 (open firewalls, run as administrator, run in XP SP3 compatability, etc.) and nothing works. Can anyone help me? Thanks
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StrangeAnimal 2012年11月10日 8時14分 
Mine whould launch and then crash at the first loading screen befire the menu i reinstalled and it works now.
Paul Blart - Mall Cop 2012年11月11日 17時28分 
I have reinstalled the game twice, the game has run before on the same machine. When I double click the game, my status around my profile photo turns green then back to blue.
Verdolina 2012年11月19日 17時45分 
This is my problem also. It has been this way since I bought it. If i can manage to turn off Avast Anti Virus, then reoobt (w/o the AV loading) then I can run it. Pain in the a$$. I don't understand why they would not fix this. All other games with hack shields work for me.
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