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Trading Portal 2 75% off for Awesomenauts
Got a Portal 2 cupon but I already have Portal 2 and I realy want Awesomenauts so comment if you want to trade.
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NateY3K 2013年1月10日上午8:01 
Sorry for the late response, but yes. I'll trade, but the only question is which Awesomenauts? There's a lot of them
Strawberry_eater 2013年1月11日上午6:49 
sorry but the copon is out of date now and I don't have it anny more and I have bought the game now so I can't trade.
Strawberry_eater 2013年1月11日上午6:52 
But if I get one more you can have it. :-)
¥__¥ 2013年1月11日上午6:53 
Hard necro :S
I suggest you just delete this thread because it has no use.
I had to come here to necro, oh how far i've come
Merlin 1月31日上午12:09 
New mission: necro everything
I'm necroing on minidrivers, poker night 1 n 2 as much as possible
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正在显示第 1 - 7 条,共 7 条留言
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