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Heisenberg 2012年9月7日下午2:44
Free Portal 2 Coupon
Im giving free Portal 2 Coupon
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ok can i have it
Heisenberg 2012年9月7日下午2:54 
Enemy stage 2012年9月7日下午5:47 
can i have one too
Ben 2012年9月7日下午5:48 
can i have1
I did 9/11 2012年9月7日下午7:00 
4 hours too late :(
cheshire_mouse 2012年9月8日上午12:38 
someone need one?
Samlington 2012年9月8日上午12:59 
I desperately need one if possible.
I bought 2 Portal 2 for pc/mac games for my son today as the first one said the code had been used and the second one says I have to play first on PS3! If we had PS3 I would have bought him that - so now I promised he could play it this weekend after begging me for months and still, we can't - and are out of pocket for 2 games too... why is this so hard?
cheshire_mouse 2012年9月8日上午1:24 
add me to the friendslist, and i'll send it
Samlington 2012年9月8日上午1:37 
I dont think I can add people as I dont have games in my account....
I WISH i had games in my account! any other way you can send it?
Samlington 2012年9月8日上午1:37 
thank you so much, by the way.
cheshire_mouse 2012年9月8日上午1:40 
i've added you, look at your message box
Samlington 2012年9月8日上午2:21 
Thank you Cheshire_mouse!
What happens now?
cheshire_mouse 2012年9月8日上午2:25 
open a chat in the friendslist, i'll invite you to trade
Samlington 2012年9月8日上午2:32 
i have no idea how to do that....
i'm such a newb
alexbesson 2012年9月8日上午4:11 
I have one!
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