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Chaos Wright 2012년 9월 7일 오전 9시 42분
got maps with low ratings advertise here
my maps are ready and waiting for players just so u know
hide and seek
turret fortress 1 + 2
coming soon coop map trapped
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carol 2012년 9월 19일 오전 4시 11분 
Good idea. Some of my maps have proved a bit of a hit but many have had very few subscribers and hardly been played.

Solo maps at: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=78010938
Coop maps at: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=90403734

Some are long and more complicated (but moderate difficulty), some are short and easy, and some are just silly for entertainment value (such as coop Russian Roulette or solo Bouncy Castle or Shooting Gallery).,

If you play please do remember to leave a feedback comment.

carol님이 마지막으로 수정; 2012년 9월 19일 오전 4시 12분
nicklonium 2012년 9월 19일 오후 12시 19분 
Sure, why not. It's a shame the feedback loop couldn't be moved to here to keep it going.
I'm pretty sure I've played a couple of carol's already but I'll run through the solo collection.
Here's my collection of concept chambers, Elementary. Themed around elements of the periodic table in title, description and design. None of them are meant to be challenging, just a bit of fun. Particularly interested in responses to the latest two chambers which I've yet to receive any feedback on.
Continue testing!
Toast Paradox 2012년 9월 19일 오후 4시 02분 
Might as well try this out. This is a collection I made that has a nice little variety of maps in it. The maps range in difficulty and length, but they provide a pretty good testing experience. Also added two revamped versions of two of the maps to make them more challenging. Try them out if you like and leave feedback! For SCIENCE!

deuterium 2012년 9월 20일 오전 3시 09분 
I have another map which needs some love. Uploaded it yesterday, it's a quite challenging map, where everything is not as easy as it seems... If you like it, please rate and leave me a comment if you have a remark. If you guys like it, I will make a serie of maps with the same theme.
The_Cle@ner 2012년 9월 20일 오후 4시 26분 
I will try your map and if you want you can try my unusual funmap ^^

Toasty 2012년 9월 20일 오후 7시 36분 
This Coop map of mine is the ultimate test of communication between testing partners! The test is made extra challenging if you're playing with a stranger. This one is my pride and joy, but feel free to test my other chambers if you're looking for a further challenge at some solo tests. I rate all of my chambers to be of the moderate/hard difficulty.
Any feedback for suggestions/bugs would be appreciated in the comments on the chamber pages!
Toasty님이 마지막으로 수정; 2012년 9월 20일 오후 7시 38분
Ozymandias 2012년 9월 20일 오후 8시 16분 
Hey! I'm looking for some test subjects to play my maps! Go ahead and check them out at the link below! Critiques are always welcome.

zazaza 2012년 9월 21일 오전 7시 01분 
i've just subscribed to some of the maps in this thread, some of these seem quite interesting.
I've got some maps nobody plays :(
I'm trying to make them interesting, please try them :)
My most recent (and possibly hardest) map: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=97768956
Or, just check out my workshop!
Toast Paradox 2012년 9월 25일 오후 12시 31분 
UPDATE! The collection I posted here before is no longer available! I revised a lot of the maps within it as well as added a new one! You can find it by following this link:


Happy Testing! -Toast
Constantine 2012년 10월 5일 오전 2시 47분 
Can someone give this ago 4 me please :)
zazaza 2012년 10월 18일 오전 11시 31분 
i really don't like advertising my maps in comments to other maps, but since basically there is no other way, barely anyone has played any of my maps :( I'd really love to get some feedback, because I think my latest map turned out to be pretty good, at least compared to my older ones. Will you give it a go?
DreamRJ 2012년 10월 22일 오전 5시 53분 

Please comment if you have any issues in the thread for my map


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