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Dejv246asus 2013年9月21日上午10:31
How to play Offline COOP?
Hello please help how i can play offline coop on splitscreen in menu of coop it says press X for offline coop splitscreen.Im clicking X and nothing in options i have controller enabled i have gamepad logitech F310.
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hi 2013年9月21日上午11:58 
You cant play offline Co-op, also there is no bot that helps you to finish co-op
Dejv246asus 2013年9月22日上午12:43 
I mean spliscreen coop -.- 1 play on keyboard and mouse and 2 play on controller
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Dejv246asus 2013年9月22日上午2:15 
Go to play coop and down is offline coop split screen
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