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Why does everybody hate wheatley?
Self explantory.
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haters gonna hate
moronzinpink の投稿を引用:
haters gonna hate
Let me fix that:
I don't. I like him.
I find him funny. He's a big switch from the monotone mocking that is GLaDOS.
I don't think people hate him. I personally don't. I just think that people think his story is done with.
But after all... He DID try to kill you. But hey, who am I to say. But he was an ok Aperture Personality Construct to me. ;)
i like him made the game funny because he is so stupid
Let the guy off the hook...i mean....he apologized. And its not like he actually hurt anyone. Except...you know...all those other test subjects he got killed trying to escape >.>
I don't know why anybody would hate him, he's a great character. Without him, the game would have ended differentley and much sooner.
his funny but i like glados more beacuse shes not a complete EDIOT!!!!!!!!!
ATK の投稿を引用:
his funny but i like glados more beacuse shes not a complete EDIOT!!!!!!!!!
Anhur 2013年7月22日 1時19分 
The reason I am posting this is because soemone posted on the disscussions page who do u like better, wheat or glados, more ppl say glados.
Peri 2013年7月22日 7時33分 
I think wheatly and glados are both hilarious. I'm surprised if anyone really hates either because they make the game awesome. I don't think the game would be as enjoyable if both didnt act the way they did or talk to you the way they had. :x Just my own thoughts anyhow,
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