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steidan 2013年7月19日 6時52分
I need a LOVELY PARTNER ! ;) age 16-19 (no homo) lol
if you got what it takes to be my partner be my partner! that easy it is (im not that EASY),
lol anyway I prefer to play with guy/girl that is between the ages above, I need a partner that is smart (doesnt have to be einstain *not american hope i wrote it correctly) and nice :)
if you want to play with me im free, just write a comment below this post and add me, PEACE!
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Spaalone Babuguuscooties 2013年7月19日 12時37分 
I'm Here.
Gavyn 2013年7月21日 12時02分 
This is akward
steidan 2013年7月21日 12時22分 
thank you :)
[Jö] Nick the Bear 2013年7月21日 15時16分 
Einstein* you we're close :P
Gavyn 2013年7月21日 15時50分 
XD oh wait I'm 15 and american bye bye approved
House M.D. 2013年7月21日 15時53分 
missed the age :(
steidan 2013年7月21日 16時05分 
IroNick の投稿を引用:
Einstein* you we're close :P
steidan 2013年7月21日 16時09分 
ATK の投稿を引用:
missed the age :(
dude its ok you can play with me if you want, I just want to have a "serious" player if you know what I mean. laughing about stuff is great and im really in favor to it, but you know, you need to focus on the game from time to time :)
add me if you want to its all cool !
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House M.D. 2013年7月21日 16時15分 
so i will play with you
Gavyn 2013年7月21日 17時55分 
Thats what I do I hate it when other payers mess around on anything. but it's funny when someone accidently shoots a portal and something turns off and the other guy falls in water or something. Jumpin through in chambers is badass
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