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Amarant Coral 2013年3月1日 20時12分
Portal Movie
First and foremost, needs to NOT be live action.
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Amarant Coral 2013年3月1日 20時18分 
Voice actors should reprise their roles, and the engine used to create the long fall boot advertisement should be used to make the movie. Anything less than an hour and 45 minute run time is kind of unacceptable for the ground that needs to be covered.

Also, I know that many people don't approve of the fan created android versions of the robots, but for a movie, that is an idea that could work, and beautifully. I know that leaves implications between Chell and Wheatley and a nice percentage of the fandom will want a coupling under those circumstances. Well, why the hell not? It's a movie. The game already happened. The movie could be cannon or not, so giving it some depth with a romantic pairing or something shouldn't be totally frowned upon in my opinion.

Comments? What do you think the movie's plot and film style should be like? Should there be a pairing?
Bellomy 2013年3月1日 20時45分 
1) I don't think the movie should exist at all.

2) If a movie exists, they should all be robots.

That is all.
Bellomy 2013年3月1日 20時45分 
Also, of course it's not canon.
Treetop 2013年3月1日 21時43分 
If they make it i hope they dont ruin it.
| \_/ () 2013年3月2日 0時27分 
i don't want a moovie from valve. if they make one, they will waste their time with it, instead of making half life 3
rodri247 2013年3月2日 19時18分 
I think is not a good idea to make a movie, it will be puzzle solving the most of the time
Bellomy 2013年3月2日 21時28分 
Not to mention, if it's a movie, it should be live action. There's a Portal short film titled "No Escape", and it's great. But it seriously would NOT work as a full length movie.
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