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CybertronicDNA 25/fev/2013 às 17:59
looking for a co-op partner.
anyone interested?
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DooM24_ 25/fev/2013 às 18:32 
memememememmemememem meXD
Balloonicorn 25/fev/2013 às 19:44 
I might i need to know how every thing works because i have never done pc co-op
viperbjw2 25/fev/2013 às 21:32 
I'm looking for a partner too.
[HatreD'-] 26/fev/2013 às 10:34 
Add me to friends! :D
CybertronicDNA 26/fev/2013 às 12:20 
Haha when I'm done with my homework I'll play with whoever's online if anyone is XD
Turret 697,895,235,794 26/fev/2013 às 12:40 
i will plz iwill give u a game naby
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