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Hunden 24. feb 2013 kl. 1:16pm
Community Chambers - I'm so annoyed
Why does the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ game download 10-20MB after i click to play a random top voted chamber and then tells me that it can't find anything with my "selected" filter? Really?

Guess i'll have to go back to manually download them again and avoid that extremly poorly done ingame mechanism.

Not that funny when your internet connection is about 50kB/s ...
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_I_ 24. feb 2013 kl. 2:05pm 
for sp random maps, it downloads the next random map while your plaing one

get a faster internet connection
56k doesnt cut it anymore

1-3m dsl will work but poorly (hundreds of times faster than isdn or dialup)
5-10m cable is prefered
15-30m cable is best
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Hunden 24. feb 2013 kl. 2:23pm 
a) lol, i obviously can't get a faster internet, otherwise i wouldn't torture myself with this ridiculous snail-net
b) It's 384k tbh, not 56k
c) Whatever it is, after downloading something for 15 minutes i should work, not give some totally unlogical message, TCP should handle that, the connection does not suck, it is just slow
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