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MunDINGUS Fletcher 17. úno. 2013 v 6.58 dop.
Portal mindf*ck.
I saw a post today, and wanted to see if someone would create the map to test this. People have their theories, but untested.
I don't have a way to create them, and would like to know the result.
Sorry for 9gag.
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| \_/ () 17. úno. 2013 v 7.56 dop. 
evrywhere in portal 2 (exept where you cut the neurotoxin generator pipes but that's an exception) and especially in portal 1 you can't place portals on mooving panels. but even if you can, you will...um.../how to explain this?/...um...you will be crushed with yourself from the portal - 2 heads will crush your head from the 2 sides and...actualy your whole body will be crushed with 2 other bodies
Zobrazeno 11 z 1 komentářů
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