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Jeff 2013年2月10日 15時01分
How do I change what direction my camera will move?
Hello, a friend and I want to have a challenge, whoever can finish portal 2 the fastest, but we want to be able to throw a wrench in each other's plans by namely forcing them to rebind things (via use of scripts) One of the scripts I have in mind would invert all controls (A makes you go right D makes you go left etc) however that isn't enough for the twisted **** I am so I want to make it so mouse control is also inverted, moving mouse to the left makes the camera go right and vice versa. Is there a command for this? One I would put in a .cfg file to enable it.

Thanks for the help!
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ChevyNoel 2013年2月10日 16時57分 
What kind of scripts are you using? If you have the functionality and it isn't against the rules, you should make moving along x and y a diagonal movement instead. It would take longer to get used to, especially during jumping sequences. He could hold the mouse diagonally in his hand, but chances are his mind would, based on feel of the hardware, often try to correct for it at the wrong times. If you have access to system timers, you could also switch directions of keys or mouse controls every 10 minutes (otherwise his mind would get used to the altered control scheme after 20 minutes or so).
Jeff 2013年2月10日 21時05分 
The intended goal is to have 5 different scripts that at anytime during out race we can call out via skype I.e: "Use confusion" or "use inverted controls" which after entering the command to execute the script would mess up the controls. inverted is obviously the easiest one and it's meant to, however I'd have confusion be something along the lines of moving up makes you turn left or actually strafe. That's why I want to know the commands I'd put in the .CFG file to change what command is linked to mouse movement. Or possibly have mouse make one strafe and WASD make the camera move XD
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