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Tertty "The Hammer" Curlyfries 2013 02 月 9 @ 3:07下午
Charoline Deleted?
Ok so I've been thinking, (yes I know it's dangerous) when GlaDoS deletes Caroline why is it she still remember her name? i have brought up to thieries: 1. the announcer says: Caroline deleted. GlaDoS could just randomly be saying Goodbye Caroline. 2. She lied, again. She said she lies alot, why not lie again in front of Chell? Have the Announcer say Caroline deleted and such. Bam end of story. So what do you think? tell me what two possibilitys are correct, or tell me your own. Please I'm lonely
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Human Prototype 2013 02 月 9 @ 4:10下午 
Forever Alone XD
Basically she deleted all that she remembers of the past, all the feelings, her humanity that she had towards Johnson - they both like combustible lemons, if u remember.
when she hears Cave Johnson's voice she starts to remember her past -- and with that she gains something she doesnt want to remember or maybe some secret, a secret that envolves Chell, Glados knows her name was Charoline and keeps that information, the rest is garbage to her.
Tertty "The Hammer" Curlyfries 2013 02 月 9 @ 6:37下午 
ha ha. Yes its true I am generally alone. ok this is starting to make more sense. Thanks! :)
Major Havoc 2013 02 月 9 @ 10:04下午 
But you have to remember that her name came up in the song "Want You Gone", so she is prbobably stored in ROM and will pop back up like a worm.
jtlance 2013 02 月 10 @ 2:27上午 
Well, Chell is GLaDoS' daughter.
Cadeη 2013 02 月 15 @ 9:30下午 
jtlance 發表:
Well, Chell is GLaDoS' daughter.
Bellomy 2013 02 月 15 @ 10:16下午 
jtlance 發表:
Well, Chell is GLaDoS' daughter.

Besides the obvious problem of GLaDOS not being *strictly* identical with Caroline (although, yeah, I'll grant you that GLaDOS=Caroline in a weird, twisted way), Chell is almost certainly not Caroline's daughter.

Do the math on the ages. Even on conservative estimates for the characters' ages Caroline would had to have been in her 60's when she had Chell-technically possible, but incredibly unlikely. Honestly, it's really more likely that Chell is Caroline's grandaughter than anthing else.y
Flatfire 2013 02 月 17 @ 4:15下午 
The AI duplicate of Caroline was deleted, not GlaDOS memory of the events
spy2712 2013 02 月 18 @ 6:05上午 
well i think that the memory was just duplicated to the GLaDOS machine, and a copy was left on the potato
DER KRAKEN 2013 02 月 18 @ 12:26下午 
Chell is Caroline daughter THERE I SAID IT
Human Prototype 2013 02 月 18 @ 12:33下午 
<HumanName> 發表:
Chell is Caroline daughter THERE I SAID IT
That really never crossed my mind ...
Tho I never cared
Jake From State Farm 2013 02 月 18 @ 12:59下午 
I never realized that she could be her daughter. lol.
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