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Charman555 Feb 7, 2013 @ 9:07pm
Portal 3 story Ideas
even though Valve never counts to 3 heres an Idea for another portal:
I think that it should start with Chell in the field outside Aperture with the companion cube, when suddenly you hear Wheatly's voice and he says that he is talking through a mic in the companion cube, and he convinces you that your only hope of survival is to get supplies from aperture. During the attempt Chell is caught by GLaD0s and is brought into a fight, or so we thought. Really what will happen is suddenly Cave jhonson will be heard on the intercom "Cave Jhonson here! and this time its not a pre recorded message! The Aperture science staff have returned with me and today we will start rebuilding! Testing will proceed as previously schedualed!" Then GLaD0s will throw you across the room and knock you out. You will wake up in a test chamber. You will test until during one test you get the companion cube wheatly put a mic inside of! With his advice you will go to a computer and send a robot out to get him back to earth, you will keep testing until instead of an elevator at the end of a test, you see wheatly in a room... WITH CAKE! Wheatly says that he made it to thank you for saving him, right after he says that GlaD0s will say "No, The cake is a lie! I'm suprised you haven't picked that up by now." You and wheatley run through Aperture to escape, and end up finding an exit. You run out and then GLaD0s says "hahahaha, no escape" and then wheatley mentions security cameras revealing its just a room! then GLaD0s sends you to a jail cell somewhere in Aperture. It's a little short but I'm looking for suggestions and if Valve did make this they would probably add more anyways. What do you think?
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| \_/ () Feb 7, 2013 @ 10:34pm 
i like the idea but where did cave jonson go in the middle of the story? he was here, he said "Cave Jhonson here!... ", and where did he go then?
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