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ник 2013年2月2日 9時53分
help me please
What should I do if the game Portal 2 wrote: Could not start the game (the application is running)
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ChevyNoel 2013年2月2日 10時17分 
Open windows task manager and look for it in processes. End process if you see it there. If it isn't there, you could try restarting Steam. If that doesn't work, log out and back in to your windows user account.
McNewbold 2013年2月2日 11時14分 
just restart the computer.
McNewbold 2013年2月2日 11時14分 
or log off and back in
Sir Butternut Squirrel 2013年2月2日 14時41分 
im having same problem! downloaded new files (not played in a while) and wont open. gets the new valve intro, and then the variable portal 2 poster then closes -.-
Spoon Ghost 2013年2月2日 23時03分 
Damn someone beat me to it :P
Dildon't 2013年2月3日 1時13分 
it happens to me sometimes.. just stat it again
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