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Awesome Weegee 2013年1月28日 19時43分
Question about Tractor Beams (Test chamber building)
Hey just a quick question, these hubs really give fast answers. anyway---

When you create a tractor beam (the blue light tunnel thing) I want it to start in reverse so i do that, so now it starts in orange. Plus I wanted it to be connected to a button; so it turns the blue (forward color) when the button is pressed. Now this is where i have the problem. the problem is the button turns off the tractor beam completely, and thats not what i wanted at all. This is what i have to ask is there a way how i can make this work the way i want it to?
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zivi7 2013年1月29日 11時07分 
When you connect the button to the funnel, there should pop up a window asking what you want to do: Turn it off completely or only change polarity. Try removing the connection you have and connecting it again.
Awesome Weegee 2013年1月29日 11時20分 
ok that makes sense, i knew there just had to be a way.
CraftedPbody 2013年1月29日 14時12分 
to make it start in reverse you right click and the should be an option for invert polarity
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