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CommandoPancake 2013년 1월 28일 오후 12시 48분
Portal 2 will not download
content servers unreachable... and changing download region does not fix anything. I can download portal 1 just fine though. Live in LA, USA.
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mendokusaii factkin 2013년 1월 28일 오후 1시 43분 
Try searching this on google, i had this same problem. My process was long and hard to install it though.
I had to un-install steam, re-install steam, re-add portal 2 (Got it from a disc), and finally download it.
Then of course this may not work.
CommandoPancake 2013년 1월 28일 오후 1시 49분 
I have the disc as well. It used to work but no matter what game (besides portal 1) I try to download it just says content servers unreachable. and I just installed steam on another desktop computer.
Rust124 2013년 1월 28일 오후 2시 20분 
how do i play in a group on portal? i am 7 years old but very advanced in game play. i dont know much about how steam works. can you help me?
Grötech 2013년 1월 28일 오후 5시 33분 
Yeah, Portal 2 wont download no matter what, (i bought it on steam)
mendokusaii factkin 2013년 2월 4일 오후 2시 56분 
Well then i'm not sure what went wrong :I
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1-55개 댓글 표시
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