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Doug Ratman
If any of you have ideas,facts,questions, on Rat Man feel free to share them here. I guess this could be the Rat Man conversation/discussion hub.
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danielamorypaz 2013年1月25日下午2:45 
speak spanish?
-{A★T}- Booman 2013年1月25日下午2:48 
danielamorypaz 2013年1月25日下午2:49 
i think that rattman dens are creepy
I'M RATMAN ... ahhh I mean I'M BATMAN XDXD
but really ratman? u mean those painting in the walls of chell, did he make them?
AtlaSaxophone 2013年11月23日上午11:10 
Well, ratman was the only scientist who escaped from GLaDOS. He's got a companion cube who talks with him (because he's schizophrenic). he chose Chell because she has tenacity. You can see a short film on these things, based on LabRat, on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=539oNONcCrI
I really liked it
AtlaSaxophone 2013年11月23日上午11:19 
Oh, maybe you know that Chell is the daughter of an aperture scientist (you can see it in Portal2, in the "bring your daughter to work day": the biggest potato is Chell's), who probably died for the neurotoxines... Well i think doug is her father
Murica 2015年10月9日上午9:52 
Is it possible that Doug Ratman is chells dad?
-{A★T}- Booman 2015年10月9日上午11:30 
引用自 Gscalefan4ever
Is it possible that Doug Ratman is chells dad?
Woah dude you are the first to comment on this thread in over 2 years!
Toad 2015年10月9日下午7:06 
My theory: Doug Rattmann is actually a woman.
Murica 2015年10月9日下午7:42 
u are true
Geek2Win 2015年10月10日上午4:38 
my theory is this: cave and caroline have baby (chell), they give baby to rattman, glados flood facility with nerotoxinon bring your daughter to work day, chell put to sleep for 20 years and grows up in sleep, wakes up, portal 1 starts. this explins glados's 'surge of emotion' and affection at the end of portal 2 before 'deleting caroline'.
-{A★T}- Booman 2015年10月10日下午2:27 
So I take it this thread is alive again after 2 years :D
Geek2Win 2015年10月11日上午3:31 
um... realy?
Murica 2015年10月12日上午5:16 
anybody up for lemon ring pie?
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