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Talon 25 янв, 2013 в 13:07
Logitech F310 Controller
hi, i have the logitech f310 usb controller and it used to work with portal 2 but now for some reason it is completely messed up. no matter what i do, using the right stick(the one used for looking around) is all weird. left and right shoots portals instead of the triggers, and up and down looks up and down. most of the other buttons are messed up from default as well. i have tried unbinding everything multiple times, resetting to default, remap to player, and i even deleted the configs. i tried uninstalling the logitech controller software as well, but that did no good. can someone tell me why this weird thing is happening? if u need more details please ask. otherwise this controller i bought is mostly useless
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Talon 8 фев, 2013 в 16:13 
ChevyNoel 8 фев, 2013 в 21:40 
Are you calibrating it in the windows game controllers manager, or through Logitch specific software?
Talon 9 фев, 2013 в 8:47 
when i use the game controllers section in the control panel, it uses the logitech software to calibrate it/test it
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ChevyNoel 9 фев, 2013 в 9:57 
Does it work fine in calibration, or is everything messed up there as well? Does the controller work fine with other games? Are you using other logitech hardware?
Talon 9 фев, 2013 в 10:57 
everything works fine everywhere else i use it/ test it. i have a logitech webcam but i cant imagine that does anything. for some reason, portal 2 is just messed up. i reset everything to default but nothing works.
Talon 10 фев, 2013 в 11:54 
do you think a reinstall of portal 2 would do the trick? or would it sync the same settings as before
Clear Vision | TF:GO 11 фев, 2013 в 5:51 
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I love the way you deliberately bump an old thread.
Talon 11 фев, 2013 в 18:06 
Изначально опубликовано MSTER232:
Изначально опубликовано leminz98:
I love the way you deliberately bump an old thread.
Yep. Gotta have them answers.
seanmyklking 17 апр в 10:26 
Bump... I just reactivated my Steam account and went to play Portal 2 and I'm having the same issues. Does anyone have any ideas? Reinstalling the game didn't work... Also I'm on a iMac.
jeremyosborne81 22 ч. назад 
Same issue. Also all the buttons are mapped wrong, even though I went into controller settings and mapped them to specific buttons. I'll map jump to A then in game its moved to X
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