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Presleycm 2013年1月22日上午11:24
Looking for Co-op partner
Going to have a free afternoon tomorrow (1/23) and am looking for anyone who wants to run through the co-op part of the game. I'd like to start at 1:00 PM CST if anyone wants to come. I've finished the full game (twice). I have a vent server to use.
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Grubzilla 2013年1月22日下午12:17 
I'll play with you. Just bought the game for steam but I've beat it twice on a freinds computer.
Presleycm 2013年1月22日下午12:50 
Awesome thanks!
[X9] abd3 2013年1月22日下午1:26 
Hey guys, add me yo play with you
ThomasNig 2013年1月22日下午1:47 
I can play with you
Toxicwaltz 2013年1月22日下午1:59 
count me in
Presleycm 2013年1月22日下午2:08 
thanks guys. I'll be on tomorrow at 1:00 and will just go down the list to see who's on and can play. Only 2 player coop though (i think) :( Maybe whoever's left can hook up with each other.
idk 2013年1月22日下午6:13 
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正在显示第 1 - 7 条,共 7 条留言
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Portal 2 > 综合讨论 > 主题详情
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