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Chapter 5:The Escape
When my robot friend comes down from above, he just sits in that spot. The lights go out, and he never says anything. The game doesn't freeze, but I'm just left there in the dark. I can hear myslef moving around and firing my portal gun, but no lights, no voice..just in the dark. STUCK! Can someone help me?
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I did that already, but I'll try again.
Still no luck. This sucks. I can't even get past ch 5
I am having the same issue exactly - can't get past this point.
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Guys i have an idea lets revive a 1 year old thread]

Well it seems you're exactly as helpful now as you were a year ago...
Legutóbb szerkesztette: pianoman; 2014. jan. 12., 19:23
I have the same bug we need help here D:
Same bug. This is the only place I've found reference to this, no solutions anywhere...
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