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The_Reaper95 2013. jan. 20. @ de. 5:30
An idea that could be built from the in-game Perpetual Testing Initiative Editor.
So I had an idea, which I already know is fairly plausible which is why I am bringing it to the community to discuss. Don't sit there and tell me "No, that would not be possible" unless you actually know what you are talking about, because after all this isn't a question, it's a discussion of an idea, which really aren't the same thing. Anyway, with the Hammer Editor being the primary way of making Custom-Made campaigns, and maps, and levels for all Source games, yet of course Portal 2 has a secondary way to do so, yet the possiblity of a simple map editor and maker has never even (As far as I know) been discussed for other games, Such as Left 4 Dead 2, what would you think of something like that?, A simple way to create maps for all your favorite Source Games. The map editor would automatically compile map through the source engine and then you could upload it the Workshop, simple as it is in Portal 2. So Why Not Other Games. I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter.
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Robly18 2013. jan. 20. @ de. 9:44 
I believe the VALVe employees have talked about how the hammer editor is incredibly hard to use, sometimes even for themselves. However, I don't think a version of the map editor as simplified as this one would fit other games, such as L4D2.

You see, the problem is, portal 2's maps are focused on simplicity. However, maps for most other source games often have plenty of irregular grounds and props everywhere and things like that, so a simplified editor would have to be quite complicated anyway.

The main problem, however, in my opinion, is the way hammer requires you to do a bunch of incrediby hard stuff. For instance, you often have to do a whole bunch of stuff to make a simple door. In my opinion, they should have a slightly simplified version, where you do not have to do all of the trouble involving things like water or spawners or 3d skyboxes. However, I'm fine the way it is. Let the pros deal with the hammer editor.
The_Reaper95 2013. jan. 21. @ de. 1:12 
Perhaps they could have a series of preset maps, then you add props. Basic sized flat maps and you add the scenery from the props, with the Hammer you have to start and build the map from the ground up, no templates to follow and you have to learn everything from the Wiki if it's your first map ever and haven't had any experience on even a similar matter before, if there was a way to just simply follow a template of a flat map where you can change the texture from preset like you can with so many different games, or they could instead make a map Editor that a map Creater, because you have to create the map from the ground up as I said earlier yet an editor like in the Far Cry games would be perfect.
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