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Need some friends
I am not forceing you but i have some friends who are mostly mean to me,so i would like some nice friends that we can have a good friendship,I don't mind your bad comments,btw this is not really about portal 2
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Kei 2013年1月19日下午8:51 
Hi! i would also like a good friend too! so ill send you a friend request! :P Btw, do you have castle crashers or portal 2? Those are the only games i have at the moment, i just joined 2 days ago sooooo yeah XD
AT0M1C C00k13 2013年1月19日下午9:11 
i will be a good friend andy and i have portal 2 and tf2 i will be happy to play with you
FaNgZ Gold 2013年1月19日下午9:57 
yes please
The Conceptionist 2013年1月20日上午8:22 
Done Deal. I Hope You Have P2, Or RAAAAAGGGGGGEEEEEE!!
T Shirt 2013年1月20日上午8:30 
add me (:
Little Box 2013年1月20日上午10:30 
I'm here also and I'm a portal 2 fan.
The Mystical Ace 2013年1月20日下午12:47 
guys i belive your gonna have to add me because theres like alot of names that are like yours
Pandaboi189 2013年1月20日下午1:06 
I also too a portal 2 fan
barbarian684 2013年1月20日下午2:39 
ill be a good friend i have both portals castle crashers and terraria
I have many Co-Op games like Portal 2, Garry's mod, Saint row 3, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, and more! EPIC fan of Portal and EPIC fan of Skyrim, love to be your friend!
The Stig 2013年1月20日下午6:56 
anyone here is welcome to message me and join me on co-op plus i'll help get some achievements
Waffles&Cheese 2013年1月20日下午8:05 
i will be a good friend! please add me
reddeadnaught 2013年1月20日下午9:54 
id be a good friend, cuz im new and i have portal
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正在显示第 1 - 13 条,共 13 条留言
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Portal 2 > 综合讨论 > 主题详情
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