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Looking for a Co-Op Partner
Hellooo. I am looking into getting into the Portal Co-Op Campaign, but it's hard to do it without someone who you already know who has it, and trying to do it with a random player. Very difficult.
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sass 18. tammi, 2013 23.53 
i'd love to! ive posted on about 5 of these partner requests (thats how desprate i am) i live in australia, i am 13, i have a deep non squeaky voice and i'm fairly good at portal 2 so yeah hopefully we can play :D
we can play as long as we just chat (no mic)
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Bad Clown; 19. tammi, 2013 8.21
i can help ya :)
i'm looking for a co-op partner. I've asked all my friends but none have the game
Yeah, so if anyone wants to add me and message me to play sometime thatd be cool
BOT OOF 23. tammi, 2013 0.58 
MLG_Pro I will be your Bro
Im also looking for a partner, I want to work my way throught all the co-op levels start to finish, Add me.
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Näytetään 1-7 / 7 kommentista
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