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Professor Bread 2013年1月18日下午7:50
Acheivement Buddy!
Looking to finish out the missing co-op achievements I have. Willing to run through everything to make sure whoever I work with gets everything they need as well =).

Please friend and message me so we can work through some of the fun and craziness.
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S☢SS 2013年1月18日下午11:55 
yeah i need some acheives aswell. ill tell u some things, to see if you are ok. i live in australia, i am 13, i have a deep non squeaky voice so yeah hopefully we can play :D
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erceos33 2013年1月21日下午10:16 
Sounds perfect, im willing to do the same for you, already checked your profile and seems like you are a achievement hunter like me, sent a friend request already!
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