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bananaguy15 2013年1月18日 14時58分
What is the best Portal 2/ Gaming PC controller?
I'd like to play through Portal 2 again, but witha gamepad this time. I looked at the logitech F710, but on the game compatibility page it says Portal (JUST Portal, not 2, but I think it may mean Portal 2 as well) "Needs custom controller cfg. Availible soon" Does this mean it will not work? What is the best gamepad for PC that works with Portal 2? Please dont give me $200 fancy-shmanshy gamepads, just within $60 would be fine. If someone has the F710 and knows it works with P2, please let me know, Thanks!
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The The Folant 2013年1月18日 16時27分 
Xbox 360 controller for Windows.
Fastattaq 2013年1月18日 18時38分 
+1. I play with a wired 360 controller. It stays hooked up to my PC 24/7.
bananaguy15 2013年1月19日 6時03分 
Also, what is the better choice, wireless or wired controller? My CPU is underneath my desk btw, but there is a hole in the desk for all the moniter and sound hookups.
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effinate 2013年1月19日 12時30分 
Xbox 360 wired controller, $40 is the highest you'll find it. Many games nowadays have built-in support for it and any other controller would require some degree of fiddling.
bananaguy15 2013年1月19日 13時05分 
Thanks! I found a good-priced one online and ordering it now.
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