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di/)mond 2013年1月17日 16時52分
Is it possible modifying an uploaded map, without changing the upload date?
Example: i upload a map today, 18 Jan - Tomorrow i edit the map, so i have to upload the new version, but the workshop page shows a new upload date (19 Jan) instead of the edit date.
It changes any ♥♥♥♥ing time. There is any way to keep the original upload date?
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Linginser 2013年1月17日 17時37分 
There is not.

I don't see the point of keeping the origional date, though.
di/)mond 2013年1月17日 22時34分 
thank you.

If someone ripoff your map, is good having the original date; also, you lose all the comments, the votes, and the subscribers, if you reupload the map
Maetco 2013年1月18日 2時34分 
You can see the original upload date as well. Just go to workshop and you'll see how the dates are handled.
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