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Begron 2013年1月16日 15時15分
I launch Portal 2 and its fine, but when i want to enter in my game, they send me to my office screem. I do it like 5 team to lauch Portal 2 and them they send me again to my office screem. I close Steam and open it, and Portal 2 do the same things again. HELP ME PLEASE !!!!!!!!!
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MadHat 2013年1月16日 15時28分 
This problem has also occured to one of my friend.

Please help us!
effinate 2013年1月16日 18時47分 
Linginser 2013年1月16日 19時29分 
Please be a bit more specific.
i'm all falled out 2013年1月16日 22時02分 
learn to speak english, maybe i can help you then
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Portal 2 > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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