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Tacochu 2013 年 01 月 13 日 @ 下午 7 時 57 分
x360ce issue
Hi, I just bought a cheap controller for 15 bucks instead of buying an xbox 360 controller, and i thought i could use it with the xbox 360 controller emulator. I set up the controls and i launched the game (and i got the x360ce sound cue) but the controller doesn't work.

I replaced the xinput1_3.dll in the bin folder and nothing, whenever i move the right stick left or right it shoots portals and the buttons are all wrong, does anyone know what the problem might be?
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ZeTo 2013 年 01 月 14 日 @ 上午 2 時 03 分 
If you download that zip archive[tutsinfo.free.fr], you'll find a program called xinputtest.exe. If you put it in the same folder as xinput1_3.dll you can test if your controller works normally. If it does, then it's with the game that you have an issue. Otherwise it's your x360ce configuration.
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Tacochu 2013 年 01 月 14 日 @ 上午 11 時 33 分 
The test turned out fine but it still doesn't work, it works as if i wasn't using the emulator at all. thanks for the help ZeTo, I guess i'll keep playing with my keyboard & mouse
Barnyard 2013 年 06 月 16 日 @ 上午 10 時 50 分 
I have the same problem. Nothing I try effects the mapping of the keys, they just keep using Portal 2's mapping. I tried the test as well and it works just as intended but Portal 2 just doesn't seem to like me at all.
Barnyard 2013 年 06 月 16 日 @ 下午 1 時 09 分 
I got it to work! If you go to set up a controller in x360ce you need to hit the advance tab and change device type to GamePad and then stick it back in the Portal folders and bam! It worked!
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