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MurderousPandas 2013年1月11日 17時44分
Companion Cube project
Hey guys, some of you may not be artists, but you guys have probably played the game more than the artists. Anyways, i'm working on a companion cube pencil holder for my desk. If any ideas or details should be added/removed/fixed,let me know. I'm still working on it, i have a few things in plan myself, but I'll continue on Monday and give this some time for responses to build up, this will also be posted in the original Portal forums. Link to project: http://murderouspandas.deviantart.com/#/d5r5xuj
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theheroofspace 2013年1月29日 14時25分 
Wow, it looks great! one question though; will this be the original or Portal 2?
CraftedPbody 2013年1月29日 14時29分 
Looks awesome!
Benawesome20 2013年1月29日 17時50分 
looks pretty sweet.
Aluminaughty (TGOCS) 2013年1月29日 17時52分 
Once you complete it you should summit it to valve. I want that for my desk...
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