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Makira 2013年1月10日 20時47分
Restore Custom Test Chambers

I just upgraded my PC and reinstalled Portal 2. I used Gamesave Manager to restore my custom maps, however they aren't showing up in the game. I have tried to manually move, what I assume are the map files, but nothing seems to be working.

Can anyone help me get my maps back?

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Metroturnip 2013年1月11日 4時02分 
Um do you still have to original portal 2 folder somewhere?
Makira 2013年1月11日 4時12分 
No, I have reinstalled Windows. I assumed the Gamesave Manager would correctly backup the maps. There are a bunch of files in a "My Maps" directory, but when the software restores them to where they were, they don't show up in Portal 2. :/
Makira 2013年1月11日 4時13分 
I also thought that Steam Sync would put the maps back, and it does seem to have synced some files, but still, no love in game.
Metroturnip 2013年1月11日 4時26分 
Um what I found when I had to copy my maps from 1 computer to another was there was 2 folders I had to copy files from and the were puzzlemaker under maps and then puzzles in the portal 2 folder so if you can find these folders and try and recognize what the files look like that might help, and I do believe that steam cloud only save single player saves.
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