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PPirate 2013年1月8日上午1:51
Co-op Partner for Achievements
Looking for someone who wants to go through the co-op from the start, focusing on getting achievements (and having a fantastic time).
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Curtis-L 2013年1月8日上午3:14 
Hey if your up for it i'll join need to do that aswell
Ch3mtr4il 2013年1月8日上午7:29 
i want to help you, need 2 achievments.
MostVerbose 2013年1月8日下午5:35 
I'm your man, message me whenever I am online.
Tipperty 2013年1月8日下午6:42 
Send me an invite if you want help with these, just need a few co-op cheves left
FLOW3R 2013年1月9日下午12:43 
I can help with any achievements you guys need. Hook me up.
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正在显示第 1 - 5 条,共 5 条留言
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Portal 2 > 综合讨论 > 主题详情
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